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The Problem

US Hispanics are falling behind in wealth accumulation and savings. Their level of household wealth is one-fifth that of White Americans.

Hispanics make up about 20% of the population and are:

The Solution: Ola

Ola's mission is to close this gap by building a Finance Super App for US Hispanics to invest, spend and save. We will guide them to invest in retirement funds, stocks and managed funds, manage their crypto, and spend and send money to their families.

We will curate educational content, give access to a community of like-minded investors and provide 24/7 support in both Spanish and English.

Our vision is to close the wealth gap and address the barriers that prevent Latinos from reaching intergenerational mobility.

Your Impact

As a part of Ola, you will help shape:

  1. Growth Strategy
  2. Product Strategy
  3. Tech Infrastructure
  4. Company Culture